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moxie chugging contest

The Moxie Chugging Challenge is not for the faint of heart... or esophagus. If you can’t hold your Moxie, this is not a challenge for you.

This year, the rules are as follows:

More info coming soon!

Moxie 4.jpg
Moxie 22.jpg

moxie chugging challenge champion

The contender who consumes the most Moxie at the end of 2 minutes will be declared the “MOXIE CHUGGING CHALLENGE CHAMPION.” The final determination and Moxie can count will be certified by Judges.  Any contender who cannot “hold” their Moxie will be immediately disqualified and asked to vacate the Moxie Chugging Challenge area.

Translation: Vomiting is not a strategy. It’s grounds for elimination.

First place winner will receive a trophy, an additional 12-pack of Moxie, and the collected cash.

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