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moxie chugging contest

The Moxie Chugging Challenge is not for the faint of heart... or esophagus. If you can’t hold your Moxie, this is not a challenge for you.

Moxie Chugging Information:


  • At the stage behind MTM

  • Starts at 1:15 and closes 1:30,  Saturday, July 13th

  • Open to ages 18 and older


  • Must drink all the Moxie in each can.

  • NO help from anyone in the crowd is allowed.

  • 12 cans in a case.  The person who drinks the most Moxie in 2 minutes wins!

  • Any contender who cannot “hold” their Moxie will be immediately disqualified and asked to vacate the Moxie Chugging Challenge area.

    • Vomiting is NOT a strategy.  It’s grounds for elimination.


  • The contender who consumes the most Moxie at the end of 2 minutes will be declared the “MOXIE CHUGGING CHALLENGE CHAMPION” and will receive a trophy with an additional 12 pack of Moxie!

Moxie 4.jpg
Moxie 22.jpg

moxie chugging challenge champion

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